Posting Playing Reading All At The Same Time

Believe it or not, I’m playing poker. 2/4 NL on Poker World. It’s destined to be a short session, probably destined to last about the time it takes to write this post, or thereabouts.

If you are the person who just called my river bluff with a weak pair, you made a bad call. I know it seems good because you won the pot, but trust me, it was a bad call. It wasn’t a terrible call on the turn, when you had the flush draw to go with your weak pair, but on the river you made a mistake.

Actually the bigger mistake was not betting top pair and a flush draw on the flop when everyone checked to you. Why would you even think about checking that? speaking of checking … google just dropped a news alert into my inbox. I like how at the bottom of those emails they put this note:

“This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.”

No shit?

My news alert is for “Poker”, and I get an email every day or so with about 10 news stories from the pokerverse. Here’s the general content breakdown of those 10:

  • 4 or 5 press releases from poker rooms.
  • 1 or 2 hack-written pieces about the “poker boom” [online poker is growing! Have you heard?] birthed by writers with apparently too little time, talent or both
  • 1 or 2 quick, usually relevant pieces pumped out by, etc
  • 1 interesting / original / useful news piece

Here’s some samples:

Pokernews has a story on the launch of Women Poker Player Magazine. It’s a quick bit, as pokernews articles tend to be, but I didn’t know about the magazine and it motivated me to check out their website and email them about a possible interview. I’m wondering as I scan the cover if this is really a poker magazine “For Women” [I’m not even sure what that entails, exactly] or a regular old poker magazine just packaged differently to sell ads to a new set of clients… I’ll be sure to ask that in the interview that I may have just killed my chances of getting. You can get lots of information on situs judi online and other sites from this news platform.

Google News also delivered a pretty great bit from Las Vegas and Poker Blog that should be read and not described.

I need to get Google News to add us.

speaking of describing … [as we speak I’m being nominated somewhere for a “Most Generic Lead-in Award] new content added on PTP. Here’s the highlights, errr, everything:

  • No Limit Strategy: When The Right Reads Go Wrong
  • Poker Humor: Obese Man Clearly Has Personal Stake in ‘Poker as Sport’ Debate.

Poker Stats While Posting:

Total Games: 26 game(s) Games Won: won 7 of 26 (26%) Win/Loss: won $96.45

Raise/Call Ratio: 0.6 (8 raises, 14 calls) Call/Fold Ratio: 0.9 (14 calls, 15 folds) Bet/Check Ratio: 0.5 (6 bets, 13 checks)