Poker Room Reviews Foxwoods Ledyard Connecticut

I do most of my poker playing in Vegas, but several months ago, I had to go Hartford for a reunion of old crew members … including ex-Lt. John McCain … of the USS Oriskany, an aircraft carrier that was a veteran of wars from Korea to the Persian Gulf. It was a particularly sad reunion, not only because so many of the guys had died off, but because the ship was going to be sunk in a few days and turned into a reef for fish breeding.

Anyhow, since Foxwoods is about an hour’s drive from Hartford, eight of us decided to stop mourning for a day and go to what was touted as the largest casino in the world. We were a bit startled by the decor when we arrived, because everything in the architecture and interior design is Indian… oops, Native American Most of us didn’t know the enormous casino/hotel complex is built on a reservation, as are many throughout the US because of lax gambling laws that allow gambling on Native American property. The local tribes are the Mashantucket Pequots, and after gambling at their casino, I really believe they’re getting their revenge for John Wayne movies by scalping the tourists and gamblers.

Walking through the huge casino areas, it seemed we needed Sacajawaya to guide us through the wilderness to the poker room. We finally found it, and it was large and luxurious, with 70 tables … more than most in Vegas … and with space outside the room for at least two dozen more for special occasions. We were told Foxwoods offers many poker tournaments, often with up to a thousand entrants, and the competitions were often shown on TV.

The room is open 24-7, and the tables seemed filled mostly with mature men, and by the accents, we guessed they were mostly from New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Many of the old Navy guys were happy to see tables featuring their favorite seven-card stud games, and immediately sat down and tried their luck. Others of us went to play Omaha or Texas Hold’em. Because we were there on a Monday night, there was no wait for tables, although we were told that wasn’t so on Fridays and Saturdays, where a wait could be as long as two hours. While waiting for the competition to start, you can also play situs pkv. This site provides you wide variety of online poker games. With just a few clicks, you can now play poker games instantly and conveniently.

We had a lot of fun, remembering old times aboard ship and the games we played then, and as the free drinks flowed constantly, and most of us were in our 70s and 80s, we had to quit after about three hours. One guy claimed he had won more than $500, but the rest of us discovered that we no longer had the smarts to play with the big boys. I lost about $250, but it was worth it to cavort with the gang once more. Fortunately, one of the guys didn’t drink, so we all piled into the big SUV and were fast asleep before we left the casino grounds.