Poker Hand Ranking The Essentials Of The Game

A side note: this article is worth the effort of printing out and putting in your pocket – but it is not okay to cheat so memorize it.

Having the knowledge of hand rankings before sitting down to play a competitive game of poker is very important. You just can’t go in and not know what is what, can you? But like always, we are here to help. Here is the list of five-card poker hands from best to worst. Remember these and you will be able to kick your friends where it hurts.

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Royal Flush(Rarest Hand in Poker)

This is the best possible combination you can get. The hand has to have all the cards from ten to ace and they should also be of the same suit. There is a misconception that only Hearts can get you royal flush – any suit can make a royal flush. 10s-Js-Qs-Ks-As

Straight Flush

You get a straight flush if you have five consecutive cards and that belong to the same suit. If your competitor also has a straight flush, then the player with the highest card will take the pot. So, the highest straight flush you can get is a royal flush. By definition, every royal flush is a straight flush, but every straight flush isn’t a royal flush. 5c-6c-7c-8c-9c


Next in the line is ‘Quads’, widely known as four-of-a-kind. For this hand combination, you should have four cards of the same value. This hand will beat every other hand except royal flush and straight, of course. Ks-Kd-Kh-Kc-3s

Full House

For this one to work, you will have to have three cards of the same rank and the remaining two of another rank. If you and your opponent both have a full house then the player with a higher three-of-a-kind will take the pot.10s-10c-10d-2s-2h


Five cards of the same suit will give you a flush. If you are tied with the opponent on the highest card of the hand then the second card will be compared – the player with higher card will win. If your flush has Ace high then the flush with King high will lose, regardless of the suit. As-10s-7s-2s-9s


Five consecutive cards of any suit will do the trick for you. Like any other hand, this one also depends on the involvement of a higher card to win if the opponent also has a straight. A straight hand will 10 high will beat a straight with 8 high. 3d-4s-5c-6h-7s


Here you have to match three cards of the same value, regardless of what the other two cards are and what suit they belong to. Three cards of same value will give you three-of-a-kind. Three Aces is the best three-of-a-kind followed by three Kings, then queens, jacks, tens, so forth. 10s-10d-10c-2s-8h

Two Pair

By now you must be getting the drift of this, right? Two pair involves two cards of the same rank/value and another two of the same rank/value. If you have two aces and two kings, that will give you the best possible two pair. As-Ad-7h-2d-2c

One Pair

Just two cards of the same rank or value out of the five will be enough for this hand to work. The other combinations wouldn’t make a difference. Two same cards, and you are good to go with One Pair. 8s-8d-7c-9h-Js

High Card

Lowest ranked hand and the most complicated one is High Card. If none of the players have a pair, three-of-a-kind, flush, straight, etc then the player with the highest card or combination wins. For example, if you have King-Ten and your opponent has King-Nine and the community cards are not making any sense then you get the pot with Ten beating Nine. Ks-9h-6d-9d-2c (this hand will be won by someone who has either King or Ace as the highest card)