Online Vs Brick Craps – Know about the difference

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Playing Online Craps Vs Brick Casino Craps Craps is a game that is steeped in tradition and etiquette. For some this is part of the magic of the game, for others it simple holds them back. Playing online Craps has less of the restrictions.

Traditions of Craps Gambling Craps gambling at brick casinos is steeped in tradition with many unspoken rules surrounding the game. Craps players are not allowed to handle the dice with more than one hand; they have to hit the back wall. A player has to track his bets very carefully the dealer does not do it for him. You cannot eat and drink near a Craps table and have to be very careful where you put your hands. None of these restrictions apply when playing online Craps at an online casino. All that you have to do is click on the “roll” button to set the dice rolling and you can sit back and enjoy the game. The throw of the dice at online casinos is controlled by a random number generator so there is no worry of crooked dice being used.

Craps Odds and Bets Aside from these physical advantages of playing Craps at an online casino, there are some very obvious material advantages too. The odds may appear to be the same or very similar at online and brick casinos but in actual fact they work out to be much better at online casinos. Each online casino has slightly different odds depending on which bet is made but they are still higher than at brick casinos. It is much easier to place a real money bet at an online casino, simply click on the area you want to bet on. At a brick casino you need to have the correct amount of chips in the correct denominations in order to place your bet before you can place them on the appropriate square at the casino.

More Online Craps Advantages It is tradition when playing Craps at brick casinos to place a bet for or tip the dealers. They are working for you and you are meant to tip them. In addition there is also the entrance fee for a brick casino. At a brick casino you are playing for yourself but many other players can join in and bet on your roll. Online casinos offer games of one on one and multiplayer tournament games. There are many other extras offered at online casinos that are simply not available at brick casinos such as loyalty club membership and special bonuses. The advantages of playing online craps at online casinos speak for themselves.