Online Poker Betting Deposit Bonuses

Free deposit bonuses are discussed far and wide, so far and wide, in fact, that not many online poker rooms even offer any definition of them whatsoever. Presumably, it is expected of you to be familiar with the rule already. This, of course, isn’t true, especially in the case of new online poker players who are usually playing on, but experts would do well to familiarize themselves with free deposit rules when switching to different online poker betting rooms as well.

No Deposit Poker Bonuses

The usual term is “no deposit poker bonus”. In plain English: it implies free money. To differentiate here, let it be known that online poker betting can be played with real and/or virtual money. No deposit online poker betting bonus provides you with REAL money to play with, and the “no deposit” part means you are not required to make any deposits beforehand. E.g., when you sign up at a poker room offering no deposit poker bonus, you will get $5 to play poker with. You can do whatever you see fit with that money. If you use it to play poker, you still get to keep it if you win. You may withdraw the money from your account as well.

On the other hand, there are “deposit poker bonuses”. These require initial deposits by the player.

Money withdrawals

Some online casinos do have restrictions in terms of money withdrawal. E.g., you may be allowed to withdraw a maximum of $100 after completing the requirements. The keyword here is “requirements”. Casinos usually have a cap, which must be stated in terms and conditions. Read them thoroughly before playing! Online poker betting rooms usually don’t have a cap, although you might be required to deposit a token amount in order to be able to make a withdrawal (full or partial).

Free money?

However, the question remains: why do all these sites offer free money to begin with? As expected, psychology plays an important role here. The term “free money” is likely to entice the player to test the online poker betting room offering it. Most poker players are reluctant to invest real money, and the reason is twofold: firstly, they don’t want to make deposits for fear of credit card thefts, and secondly, for fear of gambling all their money away. That’s where a no deposit poker bonus fits in. It is risk-free and guaranteed.

Recommended casinos at Online Poker Betting

Whatever your reasons for choosing this or that type of online poker betting bonuses, we at have made sure to provide you with the list of the best online casinos and poker rooms out there, all of which are licensed, tested, verified, and 100% risk-free. You may safely choose the room that suits you best, and play online poker without a care in the world. That is why you are here, after all. Sign up at our trusted poker rooms and start winning now!