Learn Roulette Strategy Playing Quadrants – Know the strategy

It is not difficult to learn roulette strategy, in fact all you have to do is play. The more you play the more you will be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Since I first started I have tried various roulette strategies and have finally settled on my favorite one, ‘playing quadrants’. The only way to really win at roulette is to be psychic or have telekinetic powers, and roulette strategy is only a means find the best way to guess where the ball will land. I have seen many roulette players bet on birth dates, and favorite numbers; most times these bets are scattered across the wheel meaning if the ball lands on one number before your lucky number you don’t win. But, if your betting on numbers that are consecutive on a roulette wheel, and if it lands in that area you may have a chance to win on any of those numbers.

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The strategy

Split the roulette wheel into quadrants; you can have 2-4 quadrants; sometimes casinos have roulette guides that have a picture of a roulette wheel, this will help in splitting your wheel. Pick a quadrant and place your bets on the numbers within that quadrant on the table. My favorite roulette numbers to play are twenty-nine through four. But you can play 0 to the 00’s it depends on how you want to bet. As you look at the roulette wheel you will see that these numbers are neighbors. The reason I like these numbers is because some of them are also neighbors on the table. The nineteen, and the sixteen sit next each other as well as the eighteen and twenty-one. This will make it easy for me to split a bet on these sets of numbers. As for the four and six, and the thirty-one and thirty-three they sit in streets, and I can place one bet at the top of that street to win 11 chips if my numbers hit. All in all if you wanted to you could cover these nine numbers with six chips, six chips is a small amount to bet but could win you $35, $17, or $11 dollars minus the chips that you lost.

This roulette strategy has worked many times for me, the key is to be consistent and sooner or later-hopefully sooner the ball will fall in your favor. Now that you’ve read Learn Roulette Strategy you will be able to go out and apply this knowledge at an unsuspecting roulette table and win, win, win.