How to Play World of Warcraft: Tips to Rock like a Pro

World of Warcraft, published by Blizzard Entertainment, is an extremely popular game with over 7 million players worldwide. I joined these players for a long time, and played World of Warcraft as a Human Alliance Rogue, ready to sneak and backstab throughout the game, paying the hefty $15 a month fee just to take part in this online realm. Set in the fantasy land of Azeroth in the Warcraft Universe, World of Warcraft, sometimes known as WoW for short, has many players joining the game every single day, all throughout the world. For some of these beginning players, the wide array of options may frustrate or even turn them off to the game of World of Warcraft. However, a few simple pointers and hints may help make this beginning experience smooth and pleasant

Now, while World of Warcraft is an online, persistent, world, it still is a computer game. There are tips and tricks that help make some players who may spend just as much time as you on the game into a better gamer with a stronger character. Many of these things are called ‘builds’, or popular combinations of skills a player trains his character in that helps him become a better character than someone who just trains his character all willy-nilly and all over the place in different things. Knowing that there are still tricks and patterns to follow in World of Warcraft, and that basic gaming concepts still apply, will help you become a better player in the land of Azeroth. Read the forums, and talk with other players of World of Warcraft, both online and offline, to find out what a popular ‘build’ is for your character, and how you can get your character on the best pathway in skill advancement.

Remember, if you really want to get good at WoW, you will have to dedicate quite a bit of time and effort. It is not easy to simply level up and become a very good player, and it takes a lot of ‘grinding’ and ‘questing’ to gain experience to become a strong denizen of Azeroth. When you start playing World of Warcraft, look at your time and priorities-if you don’t think you will have time for WoW, don’t get into it, as it definitely takes up time, although not as much as some other online role playing games that are also popular.

Find a good clan, and join it. Don’t just go and join some startup newbie guild that has only weak players-if you can get in with a big guild, that has many players at many different levels, than join them. You will have a better chance of finding someone online at the same time as you, that can help you tackle big raid dungeons and fight off ganking enemy troops. Friends and allies are essential in World of Warcraft, so it is best to make sure you have some early on.

Finally, after you have spent time researching the best build for your character, dedicated time to playing WoW, and grouped with a good gang of friends, make sure you have time for fun online on judi online casino that lets the gameplay for more than nine people at the same time even in the slow internet connection. World of Warcraft, after all, is a game, and games are supposed to be fun, right? So, make sure to take time to kick back, chill and enjoy the wild land of Azeroth, and not just make everything into a crazy rush to level up. Balance your time playing, and you will have much more enjoyable time in the future.