How I Know I’m a Poker Player

Being a poker player is two things, playing for money and playing for a long time.

When you sit down at a table, you can’t expect to play for 10 minutes and then walk away. You have to sit down and expect to play for 8 or more hours like it was a job.

The problem is that certain people take poker lightly like a game of bandarq online where you only have a mechanical opponent while it isn’t the same in a live casino with live opponents who won’t hesitate even for a second to turn you from a prince to a pauper.

Now lets look at the details: If you play for 8 or more hours at a single table, you can play a lot more hands and learn more about your opponents and yourself. You can teach yourself not to bluff as much and to not tilt. Poker is also learning how your opponents play and to see what they do.

Playing for 8+ hours is more healthy (in poker not in body) because you can learn to be consistent and win more money because after playing for that long, you can learn tells on your opponents. Something you can’t learn if you sit for 10 minutes. If you know someone’s tell, you can learn how to win the most money from them and become a much more profitable player because of it.

If you’ve ever heard the saying, play longer when your winning and shorter when your losing, here is a prime example. When your winning, your much more positive and able to make the right decision most of the time. If your losing, your more likely to be in a negative state of mind and will make the wrong decision over time. This is also called tilt where you’ll make a bad play because your emotions got in the way. So play longer when your winning because you’ll make the right decision more and quit when your losing because you’ll be in a negative state of mind.

If you can play for long hours, stay in a good, and not tilt, you’ll be a winning poker player.