Different Kinds Of Online Bingo

Bingo is very popular and traditional kinds of card game played across the globe. This game is generally played with cards known as bingo cards. Being a chance game, it does not ask for specific skills or experience. Initially this game was limited to clubs and casinos. However, with the inception of internet, this game was introduced online. The demand for online bingo is tremendous in countries like US and UK. Bingo is played by calling out numbers randomly.

Bingo is played in different ways in different countries. However, two versions are quite popular across the globe. In the first kind of game, a 75 ball bingo is played on a 5*5 card. This kind of game is quite popular in North America. While countries like UK, parts of Europe, Australia and South America play a 90 ball game using a 9*3 card is used. The desired pattern which players aim to achieve in a 75 or 90 ball game varies drastically. However the ultimate aim of the game is always the same i.e. to mark off the numbers and achieve the desired pattern.

A 90 ball bingo game is played in three stages i.e. one line, two lines and house full. In a one line game, players need to mark complete horizontal lines across one card. The aim of a two line game is to complete any two marked lines horizontally across one card. While full house would mean marking off all the numbers on one card. The prize for full house is always largest prize in any game.

When it comes to typical bingo game, it is played with different kinds of bingo cards. The cards used for bingo games can have pre printed numbers on it or can be absolutely blank ones. Similarly cards can be made of paper or any other disposable material. The bingo card once used is no longer valid and is generally thrown away.

Players receive new set of bingo cards for every game they play consisting of 25 squares of 5*5 grids. Every square except the middle one (free spot) is assigned a number. The first column from the right of the card is assigned the alphabet “B” and includes 5 numbers ranging 1 to 15. The other four columns are assigned “I”, “N”, “G” and “O”.

Column I would contain 5 numbers ranging 16-30. The same sequence is followed for the remaining three columns until the last column is reached. The last column contains 5 numbers in the range of 61-75.

Usually bingo is played with a regular deck of 52 cards. A bingo card is drawn is drawn from the top and players need to match this number with a card in their hand. As soon as the player runs out of cards, they have bingo and they win the game. There are different variations to this game and it is known by different names in different countries.

In UK, Australia and New Zealand, the game is played differently than what it is played in US and Canada. In UK bingo players use printed tickets of 15 numbers in order to match it with the random generated number. This game is also referred to as Housie and it has nine rows with three columns thus housing 27 spaces in all. Numbers are called out randomly unless there is a winner. When playing Bingo or any casino games online, it is really important to choose the right platform to play on. Sites like https://sgamepro.com/ will help you to enjoy quality online casino games and it will also allow you to become responsible player.