Claim up to $150k in free cash at Rushmore over the summer

June is largely recognised as the beginning of summertime in a lot of countries and as a result, Rushmore Casino has revealed a number of special bonuses which will see players able to pick up as much as $5,000 in free cash over the next few weeks. Rushmore casino is one of the trusted casino sites in the online space. Just like Judi Bola, it is an established casino site that players patronize because of the wide variety of casino games it offers.

The standard summer bonus is known as Summer100 and consists of a 100% match bonus up to a maximum of $3,000. To be able to claim this bonus, players must deposit a minimum of $50 and wager 25x the size of the bonus and deposit before withdrawing their funds.

If you have a slightly larger bankroll, you’ll probably be interested in the Summer150 offer which will see you able to take advantage of a 150% match bonus worth up to $4,000. This time, you’ll need to deposit a minimum amount of $100 and wager 30x the size of your bonus and deposit before you’ll allowed to withdraw.

For the true high rollers, Rushmore will be offering a Summer200 bonus which will see players able to pick up a 200% match bonus worth up to a huge $5,000. Again, players will need to make a minimum deposit (of $200) and then wager 35x the size of the bonus and deposit.

The absolute beauty of this promotion though is that each of the bonus codes above can be used 10 times in a single promotion meaning that a whopping $50,000 can be claimed during a promotional month!

If you’re looking to get your hands some of the free cash mentioned above, you’ll need to bear in mind that scheduling of this promotion means that you’ll need to plan ahead slightly.

The promo isn’t available throughout the whole summer. Instead, Rushmore has selected a special in each of the three upcoming months where players will be able to claim their bonuses.

First up, the offers will be available from 21st May to 25th May. After that, the promotion will re-open on June 18th and run until June 22nd at which point it will close down until July 23rd when it will run until July 27th.

Plan your deposits correctly though, and at the end of July you could end up with $150,000 in free cash if you use the correct bonus code the allowed 10 times each week.

That’s not the end of the high roller offers at Rushmore though. That’s because the RTG casino is also offering something a little extra. Any player who deposits a minimum of $3,000 on a date in May, June or July which is outside of the original promotion will be given a special $250 bonus at the beginning of August.

For full terms and conditions relating to this promotion, we recommend that you check our the Rushmore casino website.