blackjack : importance of single and double deck shoes

We all at one time or another have thought how great it would be to count cards and do nothing but go from one casino to another making our fortune. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. If it were, there wouldn’t be a casino left to play. The house needs a small percentage edge in their favor, or they couldn’t stay in business.

That percentage exists even when a player exercises strategy termed as “perfect play”. The percentage is kept to a reasonably acceptable risk however, when the “perfect play” strategy is in use. Another way of increasing your odds for walking away with more money than you started: is to find the right places to play. note: you have just read the most important thing to remember about playing blackjack: increasing your odds for walking away with more money than you started.

That is the name of the game after-all; to walk away with more money than you had when play started; not to walk away with more wins. There is a very big difference. This article focuses on what is one of the easiest, yet most over-looked things a gambler can do to increase the odds of “walking away with more money than when play started”. That is to find and play blackjack games that use the fewest decks of cards in a shoe Here is a simple demonstration about why it is important to have as few a decks in use as possible: For demonstration purposes, we shall be using a deck that consists of only 3 cards. The three cards our deck will have in it: Ace, Jack, and Deuce. We begin play: you are dealt an Ace.

There are two cards remaining in the shoe, a Jack and a Deuce. What are the odds of you getting dealt the jack for your second card, giving you a blackjack? They are 1 out of 2: your chance of getting dealt the Jack are 50%. Next see the dramatic percentage change of getting a blackjack with multiple decks in use. Okay, now the game has added an extra deck of cards. We now have 2 Aces, 2 Jacks, and 2 Deuces in our shoe.

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 I deal you an Ace, what are the odds of you getting dealt a Jack to complete a blackjack? They are 2 (Jacks) out of 5 (deck has an Ace, and 2 Deuces that can ruin a chance for blackjack). 

 Your odds for hitting a blackjack have dropped from a 1 in 2 chance when we were using a single deck. 50%

 To a 2 in 5 chance of hitting a blackjack. 40%

 A considerable difference. But that is only making the game into a double deck game. Many casinos, most in fact, use a shoe with 6 decks, some as many as 8 or 9. You can see why it is important to find a blackjack game that has as few decks in use as possible.