Blackjack Casino Dealer – Which functions are performed through the dealers!!

There is a constant demand for the position of blackjack casino dealer. With juicy tips and a fixed salary, the job of a blackjack dealer can be very lucrative. On this page you will discover what are the skills needed to become a blackjack dealer in a casino.

The skills required to become a blackjack dealer may vary from one casino to another. In general, casinos hire dealers who have attended courses in a casino training center. Note that some casinos have their own school of croupiers and it is also possible to receive training via the Internet. To become a blackjack casino dealer, you will need to apply and meet the criteria required by the particular casino in question. If you are already a casino employee, you may have a slight advantage over other candidates.

Some casinos offer in-house training for the position of dealer. These courses typically last around two weeks in duration but this may vary depending on the casino. Other casinos hold table “interviews”, i.e. they make you deal the cards on a real blackjack table to assess your skills. If you impress the casino during the interview, you will usually be hired as trainee blackjack dealer. The functions of the dealer at qq online site are the effective one to deliver success to the gamblers. The position of the table is shared with the players to enhance the gambling experience. The selection of the right game is there to win more cash at the platform. 


The hours of a blackjack dealer may vary from one casino to another, but generally, you often spend many hours at work. Some blackjack dealers are working up to 10 hours a day, several days in a row, followed with several days of rest. Many casinos have implemented a system of mandatory overtime. If there are many players in the casino and a lack of dealers, you have to work overtime, even if you had other activities planned. The reverse can also occur; if there are not so many punters, the casino manager will let you go home earlier. The job of a blackjack dealer therefore requires flexibility.

How to become a good blackjack dealer

To excel as a blackjack dealer, it is better to be generally comfortable in society because you come across a lot of different people during your hours of work. The dealers often distribute cards to the same people for several hours in a row, and it is your duty to make the game of blackjack as friendly as possible for all the people sitting at the table.

As a dealer, it is also essential to know the rules off by heart and have a good mastery of playing cards. Also having a good foundation in mathematics is imperative in order to count and distribute the chips quickly.

How much does a blackjack casino dealer make?

The salary of a blackjack dealer may vary from one casino to another. Typically, a dealer receives a fixed salary but along with decent tips, they can make a lot of money. It is obviously impossible to accurately estimate the amount of tips you could receive, but it is not uncommon that a top class dealer wins more than $70,000 per year.

Another important quality for a blackjack dealer is their ability not to give information to players when playing a hand. The veteran players are in fact looking for any gesture that might betray the dealer and thus give them an advantage.

Each blackjack dealer has their own “tells”, but some seem to be recurring in many of them. For example, when the dealer distributes their card face down and the one “up card” is of little value, he often raises his down card (“hole card”) and looks at it a little longer than usual to ensure that this is not an Ace. However, if the dealer has a face card (Jack, Queen or King), he briefly glimpses it for only a split second since these cards are easier to recognize.